5 Accessories to Transform Your Surface Pro 4 into a Desktop

No one ever expected hybrid devices to be able to replace a desktop, but the Microsoft Surface is powerful enough to handle all the office, productivity programs, and multitasking you need. It already functions as both a laptop and a tablet, and with a few accessories, can give you the full desktop experience as well.


The most essential of all Surface accessories, the type cover acts as your keyboard and touchpad, and protects the screen when your device is stowed away. Every Surface user should have this accessory in one of its five fashionable colors.


If you want to use the Surface to replace your desktop, the dock is a must-have. On its own, the Surface has only one USB port, so you can’t use a mouse and a flash drive at the same time. The dock’s four USB ports give you much more flexibility. On top of that, it has an Ethernet port, a full-fledged DisplayPort, and a separate audio jack. Anyone who wants to use the Surface on a desk for extended periods of time should definitely pick up a dock.


While it’s often overlooked, a display cable is still essential for those who want to use a second monitor or give presentations with their Surface. The Surface itself has a mini-DisplayPort connection, but requires a separate cable to work with other display standards such as HDMI, VGA, and more.


Artists of all kinds will love the Surface pen. Use it to take notes, write music, or draw and paint with its interchangeable nibs. It even comes with an eraser! This versatile tool is deeply integrated into the Surface software, allowing you to open programs like OneNote with just the click of a button. Everyone from engineers to painters will find the Surface pen useful.


The type cover might keep the Surface safe while it’s stowed away, but some might want more extensive protection. A sleeve will envelop the device in a lightweight covering, and can include pockets and handles. Some bigger cases even have room for small accessories and longer straps.

HPI supplies Microsoft Surface devices to authorized resellers. Go to HPI.com to learn more about the Microsoft Experience, and all the margin-expanding accessories we have to offer.


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