Surface vs. Apple in College Bookstore

Windows might enjoy a significant majority among consumers as a whole, but it doesn’t have quite the same presence on college campuses as Apple. Using a combination of branding and aesthetics, Apple has taken over the collegiate market. However, Microsoft is coming up fast, as Surface, its premier line of productivity devices, gets closer to perfection.

Apple’s single manufacturer allows them to have a distinct design philosophy and brand that stands out from the crowd. Like a chef creating meals that please the eyes as well as the taste buds, Apple’s products are beautiful inside and out. They emphasize their simple and sleek designs with close-up, slow motion shots. Visual appeal is just as important to Apple as functionality. The products aren’t just devices: they’re fashion statements.

The aesthetic is so distinct and recognizable that consumers don’t even have to see the logo to know that a product came from Apple.

On the other hand, Windows lacks that brand recognition because many different manufacturers with their own brands and design philosophy make their products. There is no singular Microsoft ‘look,’ or at least, there wasn’t until Surface came along.

Taking a page out of Apple’s playbook, Microsoft manufactures Surface to be distinct and marketable. The hard magnesium back and central reflective logo hits just the right aesthetic spots. A customer can walk into a store and immediately find the Surface devices without knowing much else about them, all because of the brand’s reach.

The Surface Pro looks great, and performs even better. As a fully functioning Windows 10 device, it runs the same operating system as a desktop. It supports both mouse and touchscreen, has a standard USB port, and can run any application that a Windows 10 PC can. Despite a robust app store, the iPad doesn’t even begin to compare to the Surface Pro’s functionality.

In fact, none of Apple’s products can.

Surface devices have all the power of a MacBook while also doubling as tablets. The Surface Book even includes extra GPU power in the detachable keyboard, which is unheard of for Apple.

By designing every aspect of their products from top to bottom, Apple ensures a perfect fit between the operating system and the hardware. For a long time, they were the ones who did this, but now they’re not alone. Windows 10 is designed specifically with Surface in mind. Microsoft programs all apps with Surface as the standard. Touch support and functionality are baked right into the OS, which Apple doesn’t even offer on a MacBook.

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