On a beautiful Sunday morning in Houston, Amy Berger and the rest of the HPI team walked into the George R. Brown Convention Center to begin their first day of the CAMEX trade show. They expected their booth to be all set up with their merchandise on display. What they found sent them into a panic.

No tables! No merchandise! Just a few folding chairs pushed up against the wall brandished with the HPI logo. Surrounded by other exhibitioners with fully stocked booths, this one looked like a sad vacant lot in an otherwise bustling neighborhood. Where was everything? What happened to their tables and merchandise?

The HPI team asked around, talking to security and CAMEX management. Eventually they learned that last night, the people who were supposed to set up the booth left it unfinished. Security didn’t feel comfortable with all this merchandise lying out in the open, so they took the incomplete display down. Amy and her team sighed with relief, and thanked them for protecting their merch. There was only one problem.

Security couldn’t quite remember where they put all of HPI’s stuff.

Springing into action, the HPI team looked for their products wherever they could. Everyone from retailers to other exhibitors joined in the search, all of them working together to find the missing merchandise.

They found it… everywhere! Products were hidden all around – headphones pushed behind curtains, laptops tucked into closets. With the help of their CAMEX friends, Amy and her team managed to collect every item for their booth. Unfortunately, they still lacked the tables they needed to display their products on.

Having no other options, they improvised. The HPI team stacked some of their products on a few spare chairs and spread others across the floor. In the end, it didn’t look half bad, and their unconventional booth certainly drew a lot of attention!

By the next day, HPI had all their tables ready, with each product proudly placed as it was originally intended. Like a rags to riches fairytale, the HPI booth started out as a sad, empty gap on the CAMEX show floor, then turned into a fun, unique display, before finally becoming the beautiful, must-stop-spot for campus retailers that it was always meant to be.

That’s our story for this year’s CAMEX. What was your CAMEX like? Do you have any stories you’d like to share? Let us know!

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