How Authorized Service Providers Help Students & Enrich Schools

One crisp November morning, a college student named Mike wakes to find that his Toshiba Tecra laptop won’t turn on. He only panics for a moment before remembering that his school is an authorized service provider for Toshiba, with a Repair Center right inside the campus bookstore. With this knowledge in hand, he packs up his laptop and heads out into the cool morning air to have his computer fixed.

What’s an authorized service provider?

An authorized service provider (ASP) is an organization certified by another company to provide repair services on their products under warranty. While most ASPs are businesses, more and more schools are becoming ASPs for computer companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Toshiba due to the immense benefits it brings to both the school itself and its students.

With his school as an ASP, Mike knows that his laptop is supported from the moment it comes into his hands to the moment it finally retires. When needed, his laptop will receive replacement parts made exactly for it, straight from the company that made it, instead of from a 3rd party manufacturer.

Just two blocks away from his dorm, Mike opens the doors to his campus bookstore. His friend, Alice, greets him from the front desk. Alice is a fellow student who works at the Repair Center for the experience, training, and even credit towards her degree in this important field. Mike hands over his laptop to Alice, explaining the problem. Alice takes the laptop into the back room and returns with a loaner laptop for Mike, so that he can still complete any assignments he might have while his computer is out for repairs.

Mike sighs with relief as he packs the loaner into his bag. He’s so happy that his school is an ASP, that his computer is in the hands of people he knows and trusts, and that the Repair Center is so conveniently located at the campus bookstore. And while he’s at the bookstore, he might as well get a few other things.

Because the Repair Center doesn’t just make the school money through fixing computers, but through all the foot traffic in the store from students dropping off and picking up their computers.

His loaner laptop and bookstore purchases in tow, Mike waves goodbye to Alice. The panic he felt just minutes ago has disappeared, replaced with confidence that his school will have his computer up and running in no time.

This is just one example of how much an ASP school can enrich student lives. But while Mike and Alice are fictional, the Toshiba CAVE is not. A program at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, an all-girls college prep school in Texas, the CAVE (Computer Audio Visual Education) gives students hands-on training from Toshiba in computer repairs. The “CAVE girls” learn computer engineering while providing the entire campus with tech support.


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