Why me.u is the Best Gift for the Creative Student This Holiday Season

Creative people can be hard to shop for. Young creative people can be even worse. It’s hard to know just what floats their boat, lights their fire, or revs their engine. Recently, we gave you a list of the top ten tech gifts for students. It included items that any young scholar would adore, but we wanted to shed more light on something the more artistic academic in your life might appreciate.

As said in the November issue of Twice magazine, “Headphones are a modern necessity.” Whether they’re pumping you up with a workout playlist into your ears or lulling you to sleep with some relaxation tracks, you keep your headphones close at hand almost 24/7. But that creative student in your life? They keep their headphones close to their heart.

Music informs the creative process like nothing else. Just one song can set an artist soul aflame, playing on repeat while they create and create and create until, be it hours or weeks later, their work is complete.

And while the average student can listen to their music/podcast/audiobook through whatever cheap pair of earbuds they can find, your sensitive scholar needs something more.

More elegance.

More quality.

More attuned to their artistic sensibilities.

Which is why we suggest me.u headphones. With the creative person in mind, me.u has developed a beautiful collection of premium headphones. The high-definition, full range audio clarity and rich base response will enhance your creative student’s listening experience. They will hear every soulful croon, every sick guitar solo, and every killer beat like they have new ears.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 2.25.01 PM


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