Top 10 Tech Gifts for Students

Moleskin Evernote Classic Notebook

The holidays can be daunting. All that pressure to buy the perfect gift for your loved ones looms over you like a dark cloud. What if you buy something boring? Or weird? Or useless? All that doubt and fear can keep you from shopping at all. But worry not! We have a list of the top ten gifts to get for the student in your life…

10.  Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook $24-$37

Make hand-written content digital with this specially designed notebook by Moleskine. Take a picture of any page with the Evernote Page Camera and easily save, search, and share your work with the world.

Anker Astro PowerCore+ 13400

9.  Anker Astro PowerCore+ 13400 $40-$80

Recharge your phone or tablet twice as fast as other portable chargers with exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost charging technologies.

8.  Fitbit Flex Wristband $60-$250

Wirelessly tracks steps, distance, calories, sleep, and more. It’s fitness meets fashionable.

7. Olloclip 4 in 1 Lens $70-$80

Turn your selfies into masterpieces with the perfect social media accessory. This award-winning lens enhances your phone’s built-in camera so you can take professional grade pictures worth a thousand likes.

me.u Headphones – Pistachio Green

6. me.u Headphones $59

Gorgeous, durable, and tangle-free, these headphones enhance all listening experiences with high-definition, full range audio clarity and a rich base response.

5. Tylt Energi Backpack $170

Charge on the go with this backpack that includes 3 usb ports, six storage compartments, and over 1,450 cubic inches of space.

4. BB-8 Droid by Sphero $150

BB-8 Droid by Sphero

As it records and plays holographic video, responds to your voice, and shows a range of emotions, you know that the Force is with this little droid.

3.  3Doodler 3D Printing Pen $99

This pen brings your art into the next dimension by extruding heated plastic that instantly cools into a stable structure. The limit is your imagination.

2.  IO Hawk Hoverboard $1,800

The Segway and the skateboard had a baby, and Marty McFly delivered it. Effortlessly glide around town on this transportation revolution.

Microsoft Surface Book

1.  Microsoft Surface Book $1,500

Twist and turn the 5000 pixel display, or detach it completely and use it as a tablet. With lightning fast processors, 12 hours of battery life, and 8 gb or RAM, the laptop takes its ultimate form as the Surface Book from Microsoft.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 2.25.01 PM

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