Top 5 Laptop Security Tips

Is your laptop safe while you’re on the go? Here are the top 5 tips to keep your laptop secure while traveling.

In ages past, traveling across oceans and continents were long, arduous journeys filled will danger and uncertainty. Today, hopping from one end of the globe to the other takes only a few hours. Although the time it takes may be shorter, there are still a number of dangers when it comes to traveling with expensive items like laptops. To make sure you’re prepared, here are 5 Great TIPS to ensure that your laptop remains secure and safe during travel.

  1. Use the Right Bag.

BL2Packing can be one of the worst parts of travel.  After getting all your clothes, gifts, books, and toiletries perfectly organized into one big suitcase, your laptop might seem like an afterthought. You can just throw it in your backpack or carry it under your arm, right?  Wrong.

Your laptop is a delicate piece of equipment that needs a lot of cushioning when it comes to jostling around the airport. Laptop bags are made just for this purpose, but remember to go with something nondescript, with no logos or anything else that screams “THERE’S TOTALLY A LAPTOP IN THIS BAG! STEAL IT!”

A plain bag may sound boring, but your laptop’s safety depends on it.

  1. Gold 3Back it up!

What do you have on your laptop? Contact info? Financial records? Private photos? Whatever the case, it’s data you don’t want to lose. A regular backup is recommended for any computer whether it waits for you at home or roams the globe by your side. But if you and your laptop are just about to leave, backing that data up one more time is always a good idea. That way, even if the machine is gone, you still have the data safe and sound.

  1. Encrypt EVERYTHING.

Now that you have all that data backed up, it’s time for a further layer of security with encryption. By encrypting your data, you transform data into an algorithm that’s completely unreadable without the key or password.

If you want absolute airtight security on your notebook, make sure you have a hardware-based SED drive, rather than a software based encryption process for faster encryption. Without it, you could be waiting up to 15 hours for that encryption to finish. Toshiba offers SED drives r (OPAL 2.0 standard), that are recognized by WinMagic.

Now, if nefarious thieves do manage to get their hands on your property, they’re stuck starting at nothing but random numbers and letters, while the police head straight for them. That’s right, they’re already on their way, because you have…

  1. 9117_tecra-z40-a1401-600-01-1Tracking Software.

According to a 2008 study by the Ponemon Institute, up to 12,000 laptop computers go missing in US airports weekly. But you can’t lose something if you already know where it is. Using tracking software like Absolute LoJack, the authorities will know the exact location of your computer the moment the thieves turn it on, so it’s back in your arms before you know it.

  1. ken_K64673AM-600-02Kensington Lock

The number one way to keep your laptop out of the wrong hands once you reach your destination and have your computer up and running is a cable lock securing your laptop to an immovable object. But you can’t go with just any lock. The industry standard for computer security, Kensington pioneered computer security since the invention of the Kensington’s Security Slot, which is built into 95% of the world’s laptops. As laptops get thinner, many brands have opted to lose the security slot. Thank fully, brands like Toshiba and Microsoft have chosen to stick with it, keeping their products, and you, safe.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling requires a lot of safety precautions for both you and your electronic devices. Thankfully, with this list, you can leave your worries at home.

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