Top 5 Reasons Warranties are a Win-Win

How? By selling warranties. Most consumers see them as a last-minute grab for more of their money when they’re already making a major purchase. In reality, warranties can build a relationship with businesses and their customers that benefit both of them. Here are five reasons how:

1. Do you understand your customer?

Providing a warranty shows your customers that you care about the products you sell. You understand that electronics are expensive, complicated, and delicate, and that all kinds of things that can go wrong. Your customers understand that, too. They want to buy from someone who knows what they’re selling, and your warranties show just that.

2.  Make sure your customer can trust you!

The worst has happened. Your customer dropped her laptop down the stairs and now it’s in shambles. She cradles the remains of her precious computer in her arms and knows that she has nowhere to turn but you and your warranty. You welcome her back with open arms. You understand that these things happen, and it’s ok. You’ll take care of it. Soon enough, you return your customer’s laptop as good as new. As she holds it close to her chest, she knows that she can trust your business with her most valuable belongings and biggest mistakes.

3. Just like your Customers, Warranties Come in all Shapes and Sizes

Whether you sell tablets, digital cameras, or printers, Mack Warranties have coverages to fit your products and your customers’ needs. With over 90 different service contracts covering a variety of products worldwide, you and your customers can feel safe knowing that Mack Warranties will fit your unique needs.

4. Keep you Together for the Long Haul

The average warranty lasts about one year, but when your customers are emotionally invested in their phones and computers, a looming expiration date is the last thing they want. The cost of repairs after a warranty has expired can break the bank along with the heart, but that’s where extended warranties come in. Your customers can relax knowing that their valuables are protected for years to come, and you can celebrate knowing that they want to stick with you in the future.

5. Keep Your Customers Coming through the Door

Maybe they’re here for repairs. Maybe they’re here to pick up a replacement. Either way, you have customers who know and trust you back in your store, surrounded by your products. The relationship you’ve built with the help of warranties means your customers are more than comfortable buying what you’re selling. You have the products they want and the protection they need. With that in mind, what’s stopping them from picking up a few extra items while they’re here? They know they’re covered, and you know they’ll be back.

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