7 State of the Art Toshiba Facts

Who created the world’s first mass market laptop? How about one with a color screen and DVD player? The first wireless one? It’s time to shine the light on the big player in the laptop market and these seven stunning facts. Wait until you get to number 1…

  1.  Toshiba is celebrating 135 years! Two of the most brilliant minds in Japanese history—Hisashige Tanaka, well known for a series of inventions in his youth, and Ichisuke Fujioka, called the Thomas Edison of his country, brought innovations to Japan that would ultimately benefit the rest of the world like X-ray & radio transmission tubes in 1919. Toshiba also debuted the first color TV with black stripe-type cathode-ray tubes back in 1972.
  2. Toshiba launched the world’s first mass market laptop computer, created the first wireless laptop to let you expand your computing beyond four walls with email and the Internet, included the first DVD drive and color monitor in a laptop, plus the first 7.4-in-1 audio video laptop and followed it with the world’s thinnest widescreen 12.1” laptop with a .5 built-in optical drive to help you travel lighter. Now, they have a line of laptops, programs and unbeatable service.
  3. Toshiba builds custom computers. Toshiba’s Built to Orderlaptops allows the customer to build a computer with requirements that are not met by a standard sku spec set. Toshiba will create unique part numbers, build an exclusive model to spec in only five days, and have it in delivered five days later. And the best part…there is no minimum order. Toshiba takes it to another level offering Custom To Order laptops with encrypted passwords, customized imaging and full customization at the factory level, instead of in your IT department.
  4. Toshiba guarantees its products for up to 3 years FREE. Toshiba Service programs offer incredible peace of mind with real life protection for real-world moments including, accidental damage like drops, liquid spills and other of life’s accidents. With 100% coverage on parts, labor and return shipping, Toshiba ensures minimal downtime. Along with support specialists to walk customers through resolving technical issues, Toshiba quality and commitment is from Day 1 to Day 1095. Toshiba is so confident in its product that they offer three times the warranty of other brands!
  5. Toshiba is giving away the Tecra C50. Eligible participants to get a free Tecra C50 to display. No advanced inventory is necessary. The Tecra C50’s key features of durability and functionality entice budget conscious parents and students. Combined with the 6 month Toshiba Quality guarantee service programs, this is an amazing no risk program.
  6. Toshiba offers epic battery life up to 17 HOURS on its Portege Z 20 T models. This excellent long battery life makes it a good pick for anyone who needs the freedom to forget their charger for a full day or longer. And their brand new Portege WT 20 is just about to hit the market with three to four times the normal battery life of comparable products.
  7. Saving the best for last…Toshiba is letting their customers reserve a full version of Windows 10 for FREE. Windows 10 is coming out on July 29th. Toshiba is allowing its customers to reserve a FREE upgrade to Windows 10 RIGHT NOW! This limited time upgrade offer is for a full version of Windows 10, NOT A TRIAL.

Toshiba has been an innovator for over a century and now offers incredible products, services, guarantees and giveaways that make it a major contender in the laptop industry. Keep an eye on Toshiba. They are about to offer the power of a laptop, in tablet form that will blow away the competition!

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